Car Rental Prague - processors

The processors of the organization are:

  • postal and courier operators
  • Providers of specialized consultancy services (eg accounting, legal, technical, organizational, economic, business, auditing, expert, interpreting, tax, etc.)
  • Web, server and cloud operators
  • Operators of social networking platforms that can provide connection services to an entity, such as connections from social networking platforms to the organization's platforms.
  • Operators of other trading platforms that may advertise their products and services through the organization's platforms and for which the entity may choose to register, regardless of the extent of such operator and organization's business relationship.
  • Operators of other sites who advertise the organization's products and services on their sites
  • providers of other technical services to the organization,

and their subcontractors (so-called chaining of processors), which are subject to the same rules as our primary processors, but only if one of the following conditions is met:

  • It is necessary to involve a third party as a service provider in order to fulfill any arrangements that the organization has entered into with the entity (eg order processing, bank transfer processing, etc.).
  • as part of the pre-contractual negotiations and in order to prepare the expectations of concluding an agreement pursuant to letter a),
  • In order to use analytics information, including in collaboration with search service providers who help organizations improve and optimize their platforms (e.g. Google Analytics),
  • if explicitly requested by the entity (eg when using social networking methods);
  • When distributing a portion of our platforms for display on an organization's business partners,
  • where necessary for the purpose of establishing, establishing, enforcing or protecting legal claims and / or as required by generally binding law and / or in good faith that such access, retention or disclosure is reasonably necessary to enable the organization to: respond appropriately to claims against the organization, in court proceedings, in enforcing any arrangements with users or members of the organization, in the event of an emergency with public health, death or physical injury to people, in the investigation, protection of rights, property or security in the organization , its users or members or other people