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Our fleet - pricelist

Our CAR RENTAL is unique among car rental shops in Prague. We distinguish ourselves through our professional approach to clients, and above all by the range and quality of our fleet. Our fleet primarily consists of new vehicles which can be relied upon wherever you travel. The average age of our cars does not exceed 10 months.

Of course, we rent ŠKODA and VOLKSWAGEN cars, but you can also select from a broad variety of premium cars, for instance, the BMW X5 or Audi eTron. On our website you’ll find detailed vehicle profiles, including a clear price list, original photos and, of course, a booking form for both confirmed and prospective reservations. With the use of our online price calculator, you will know in advance precisely how much you would pay for each rental. So please go ahead and get acquainted with all our splendid car rental offers in Prague. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Presentation of our car rental fleet

autopůjčovna Praha COM
Our fleet - pricelist

Renting our cars is good for you and even better for your pocket.

The key point of our high-quality services lies in our vehicle fleet. That’s why you’ll find exclusively new cars with low mileage and, of course, in perfect technical condition. Our cars literally smell new!

In our car rental in Prague, we not only strive to make a good impression with well-equipped cars and professional presentation: What we emphasize is professional work and professional behavior to all customers. We aim to surpass all other rental companies – and we do our best to achieve it. The way we treat our clients ensures which car rental they will use next time: us! Once we’ve earned your trust, you will not need to look for any other, only ours on the domain AUTOPUJCOVNAPRAHA.com.

Our cars are our passion!

How could we not be in passionate relationship with our job when we work with the most modern fleet . . .! We tend to each car with love. For proof of this, please check our Instagram account, where you will find a great number of original photos of our cars.

The best car rental company in Prague

We have high ambitions and hold ourselves to high ideals! We want to be the very best car rental company that you can find in Prague. In case of any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us when handing over or returning a vehicle. We are here for our clients, whom we value.

Transparent conditions

Before each vehicle-handover, we send our clients a draft contract. We always give you enough time to familiarize yourself with the contract and understand it well. We don’t hide anything; our conditions are straightforward and clear. With the very same conscientiousness with which we are bound to protect ourselves, we are bound to protect our clients.

Short-term and long-term leases

We can prepare offers for customers who are seeking short-term as well as long-term rentals. We can provide one car for a private person, but also a company fleet for entrepreneurs. Just contact us. We will prepare an offer that you will like!

autopůjčovna Praha COM
Škoda - autopůjčovna Praha com

VAN RENTAL in Prague

In addition to passenger cars, we have new vans in our car fleet. As already mentioned on our landing page, we do not want and in any case will not compete with the cheapest rental companies that own an obsolete fleet with high mileage at a low price, because it would not be in accord with our goal, which is providing professional services exclusively with fresh and reliable cars.

But if you are looking for new vans with low mileage and in perfect condition, then you’ve come to the right place. With our vans, you can be confident that you will safely and securely arrive with your load. And that’s our goal.

Volkswagen Transporter dodávka Praha

Volkswagen Transporter

Diesel 4,2m2 manual
from 1499 CZK / day
Volkswagen Transporter dodávka Praha

Volkswagen Transporter Long

Diesel 5,0m2 manual
from 1999 CZK / day
Volkswagen Crafter dodávka Praha

Volkswagen Crafter Long

Diesel 14,4m3 manual
from 1999 CZK / day
Our fleet - pricelist

Why rent vans from our company?

In our car rental company, AUTOPŮJČOVNA PRAHA, we tend to our vans with the same carefulness and exactitude that we give to our premium brand passenger cars. Therefore we guarantee their excellent technical condition. Our van rentals are distinguished by the same professional approach and fair price conditions as our passenger car rentals.

Vans up to 3.5t

The fleet of our vans has been cultivated with the intention of not restricting those drivers who only have a license for driving vehicles up to 3.5 tons. For all our vans, you only need a group B driving license.

autopůjčovna Praha COM

CAR RENTAL in Prague | How can I order a van?

Renting any of our vans is easier than you think. Usually, we can handle delivery within 60 minutes upon receiving the order. Even to the airport!


Select a van for rent


Complete a binding reservation


Your signature – and you can go!

Are you traveling abroad?

Of course, with our cars you can travel outside the Czech Republic without any additional payment. The only thing we have to prepare for you is a written permission for you to leave the Czech Republic with the vehicle.