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Bonus program

Do you want to save money when renting a car with our company? – See information on this page. By following our fair conditions, the bonus program conditions are fulfilled. Nothing complicated, we are straightforward and explain everything to you.

Why did we establish a bonus program?

We value our decent clients and reward them with better prices. You can trust us, it makes us happy to reward you. Our bonus program was made up as a reaction to unruly and problematic customers who inappropriately treated our property and caused us unnecessary damage by their actions. Their inappropriate behavior pushed us to find solutions to the problems they caused. What does this mean? We'll explain right away.

We emphasize that while it is still our aim to make money even from challenging customers, we also do not want to increase prices because of these clients, which would disadvantage fairer, less problematic clients, whom we value. To understand the situation well, please see the examples of two model drivers – Adam and Michal. Each of them rented a Škoda Kodiaq car for 15 days with the maximum Laurin & Klement equipment and covered over 2,500 km.


Adam is a fair customer who does not smoke in the car. Except for some trivial mistakes, he is a decent/considerate driver. In all our arrangements, he keeps his word. Adam returned the car after 14 days and due to lack of time, paid us 1,500 CZK for a complete cleaning of the car. In spite of the fact that Adam drove over 2,500 km, it was not visible on the car. Adam fulfilled our fair conditions and therefore received a discounted rental price as part of the bonus program. Adam and our rental shop are satisfied.

Adam paid 14,985 CZK for 14 days


Michal ignored our conditions and smoked in our vehicle the whole time. Despite our warnings, he repeatedly violated regulations of more than 20km per hour in the city and more than 30km per hour outside of villages. Due to frequent accelerations and braking, he almost destroyed the brake system and the tires of the rented car. After 2,500 km, the car was returned in a condition similar to one in which he had driven 15,000 kilometers with it. It caused an increase in the cost of its service. Because Michal did not meet our bonus conditions, which we explained to him and which are also written in the contract, he pays the full price.

Michal paid 20,979 CZK for 14 days

#1 No smoking kouření

Smoking and the use of tobacco products are strictly prohibited in all our cars. The reason is obvious. We only want to hand over the car to other clients in perfect condition. In addition to violating our conditions and losing the opportunity to use our bonus program, we can charge the customer a fine of CZK 2,500 to cover the cleaning of the vehicle by a professional company and the specified costs.

Thank you for not smoking in our vehicles and respecting us and our other clients.

#2 Dangerous driving

We all have families, and we love them. We do not want to lose our loved ones due to the aggressive and dangerous driving of another driver. We believe that for a terrific feeling of driving in one of our luxury cars, it is not necessary to break the speed by 50km per hour and constitute a danger to others. We have a built-in GPS system in our vehicles for security against theft. In no case do we monitor the driving of our clients, but we have set up an automatic notification that notifies us if a client is driving too fast. We forward this notification directly to clients via SMS.

Note: we do not consider the increase in speed above the permitted limits, which occurs due to normal passing, as a dangerous ride. We truly respect our clients, and we will not chastise them because of a situation when one simply had to “step on it”, but we will not respect clients who repeatedly gamble with lives in their surroundings and our property.

Example: Despite the SMS message we sent him, one client repeatedly violated road regulations at speeds of up to 120km per hour in a village! We do not wish to have such clients!

In addition to dangerous behavior on the road, for which there is no excuse in the event of recurrence, there is also an increase in the cost of operating the vehicle itself. Certainly you can understand that constant acceleration reduces the life of the tires and that repeated heavy braking from 180km/h to 90km/h is really not beneficial to the brakes.

Our goal is not to play highway police and subject our clients to speeding fines. We want satisfied clients who respect other drivers and at the same time do not increase our service costs. A decent driver will pay a discounted rate with us – but we have no discounted rates for speed demons.

#3 We respect each other

We treat our clients professionally and we value each of them, regardless of the brand you rent. If you respect a fair contract that does not include anything unusual, we can offer you a discounted price with the bonus program. It is simple and easy. Just as we fulfill our agreement, we expect the same from our clients. What does this mean for us?

For example, we do not prohibit clients from traveling with a car outside the Czech Republic, but we always want to know about it for security reasons. It also has an advantage for our customer: thanks to the security system, we find out that the car is approaching state borders and we can quickly identify possible theft, even in cases when the client is still unaware of it. Be safe, not sorry.

#4 Returning an undamaged car

To reach our fair BONUS program, you must return the car undamaged, in the same condition in which we handed you the car. In the event of any damage, there are additional costs associated with repairing the vehicle.

Nothing more, nothing less

You may not have expected it, but getting a bonus prize as part of a bonus program is not difficult. All you have to do is comply with the conditions, which we will contractually confirm. It's up to you whether you want to be a pirate or save and you will be a decent driver and person. Before we unified the prices and disadvantaged decent drivers, we prepared two price lists.

Current price list

A violation of 100% will be added to the bonus rate for violations of our basic terms , which are not complex or restrictive. Instead of a bonus rate of CZK 5,000, you will pay CZK 2,500 more. The choice is yours.