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Car wash before return

Ruční mytí

In our car rental company, we put great emphasis on cleanliness. You can be sure that you'll always receive a well-washed from us. To prevent any damage to the car due to unprofessional cleaning and to guarantee maximum safety against the spread of any kind of virus or any possible source of infection, we use the services of the car washing company Automyčky Express for cleaning.

As we hand over the car to you clean, we need take it back from you in the same condition. All you need to do is hand the car over at the Automyčky Express branch in the Novo Plaza shopping center (Novodvorská - Prague 4), where the washing process will be provided.

The cost of car washing for our customers is 999 CZK without VAT.

Washing by Hand

The superstar program includes complete manual washing and drying, vacuuming, and beating of textile parts of the car, polishing of all windows and mirrors, cleaning, and treatment of leather parts of the interior, washing of wheels and tires, perfuming the interior with anti-allergenic scents, refilling the windscreen washers.

Why is washing not inccuded in the price for the car rental?

The price for washing the car is fixed and the length of the rental does not affect it. Therefore, we charge it only once and separately.

When do I pay for washing?

The car wash are included in the final bill.