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Škoda Citigo-e IV
Rental lenght 1 - 2 days3 - 4 days5 - 14 days15 - 29 days30 - 60 days61 and more
Price 1 999 CZK 1 599 CZK 899 CZK 599 CZK 599 CZK 599 CZK

Deposit from10 000 CZK.

Prices are without VAT.

Rental lenghtPrice
1 - 2 days1 999 CZK
3 - 4 days1 599 CZK
5 - 14 days899 CZK
15 - 29 days599 CZK
30 - 60 days599 CZK
61 and more599 CZK
Depositfrom 10 000 CZK

Prices are without VAT.


Škoda Citigo-e IV

Pick-up day

Return date


0 days (0 CZK/day) = total price 0 CZK

Limited mileage:

0 km

Fee - pick-up outside working hours - 999 CZK

Fee - return outside working hours - 999 CZK

Pick-up place


Return place


Surcharge 0 CZK

Are you traveling abroad?

Of course, with our cars you can travel outside the Czech Republic without any additional payment. The only thing we have

Final destination

0% participation

Basic accident insurance with co-participation is, of course,
already included in the price.
. For more demanding clients, we offer the option of arranging a 0% co-payment.

Fee for 0% participation + 0 CZK

Unlimited mileage

If you need to drive more than the allowed amount (see above),
you can buy a fee package with unlimited mileage..

Disinfection and washing -50% SALE

We always hand over the car to you clean and disinfected and in the same condition as you return it.
We can arrange washing and disinfection for you.

Unlimited mileage + 0 CZK

Car washing + 0 CZK

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Company ID

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Price: 0 CZK without TAX

Price within BONUS program: 0 CZK with TAX

In case of violation, a basic rate of will be charged 0 CZK without TAX

Basic price 0 CZK with TAX


What if the car is already booked?

After accepting a binding reservation, we will verify the availability of the selected car. In the case of unavailability, we will offer you another one or refund the full payment.

100% satisfaction guarantee

In the case of unexpected situations, we have a higher category car ready for the same price for customers who have made a binding reservation!

platba kartou

Credit card payment

Clients who pay for rentals by card have priority order processing and check-in. We recommend this method!

platba kartou

Payment by bank transfer/QR

We confirm your reservation after crediting the payment to our account. This way of payment is recommended only in cases when the loan period is at least 3 working days from the payment.

platba kartou

Payment at the branch

You can pay the reservation deposit by prior arrangement at our branch. Once the payment acceptance is confirmed, the car is reserved for you!

Until the payment, the chosen car will not be reserved. In the case of unavailability, we will offer you a currently available car. Thank you for understanding.


Choose the method of payment for rent.

You’ll receive payment instructions after sending your reservation..


If you want to tell us anything else, please write it in the message area.

By sending a binding reservation, you agree with the terms and conditions, the complaint procedure and se the principles of personal data processing.

Škoda Citigo-e iV - unusually interesting

Before we added the Škoda Citigo-e iV to our fleet, we got to know it well so that we could pass on our feelings to our clients. And what are they like?

A small car to the city

If you have ever met a Škoda Citigo, you certainly could not have missed the size or "trifles" that this car has. For a holiday to Croatia, we would rather recommend a larger car (eg SUV or minibus), but if you are looking for a car made for the city, then Citigo is a clear choice.

Electric car

Forget about refueling quickly, because the Citigo-e is an electric car in full force. No hybrid! When driving in the city, you do not burden the air with a gram of CO2. This can also be a reasonable reason if you are looking for a car to the city.

FREE parking - anywhere

If you are traveling around Prague, you will definitely appreciate the free parking throughout Prague. No more parking fines, no more searching for vending machines, no more paying and, above all, no more searching for "blue" zones. With this electric car you can easily park anywhere and anytime. No restrictions.

Range over 200 kilometers

If you don't limit yourself to ECO or ECO + mode, which will reduce your car's performance, you can look forward to driving over 200 kilometers. When activating these modes, you will of course extend it by a few tens of kilometers. This commute will last you a week during a normal trip around Prague!

Charging while driving

When you travel around the city, you charge your car at the same time. For example, when leaving the Black Bridge, we had a range of 120 kilometers, but at Anděl we already had a range of over 150 kilometers! How is it possible? Braking recharges the battery, so we even recharged the battery during normal operation!

Charger on every corner

The number of chargers in Prague is growing every month, so you can hardly find a "dead spot" where you can look for a charger. With a bit of exaggeration, you will find a charger in every major mall or hypermarket. You can also use a regular purchase to recharge the car.

Incredible acceleration

Forget prejudice. The acceleration of electric cars is at a completely different level than you know from conventional engines. The Škoda Citigo-e is not a sports car, but even so, its performance will pleasantly surprise you.

Extra equipment

The car is small, but it's not cheated by the equipment. You can look forward to automatic air conditioning, a lane departure assistant or, for example, heated front seats.

Škoda Citigo-e iV - real photos

Škoda Kodiaq Sportline blue
Škoda Kodiaq Sportline blue
Škoda Kodiaq Sportline blue
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